Forever 21

Forever 21 is my new love. The American born high street fashion brand is relevantly unknown here, but if you pop over  the pond, you'll find Forever 21 is like Primark....but good. The prices are relatively good and tailors for both teenagers and young adults with a budget, offering amazing finds which can be pulled off by anyone. Furthermore, they offer plus sizes. And not just size 14 and 16, real plus sizes.

This is my latest purchase, and my newest love:
Yes, leopard print suedette boots. I hate how horribly garish the name is, but I find that whatever I wear them with they ooze style and personality. These are definitely my favorite pair of shoes, a sure keeper.

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  1. i live in belgium and i am OBSESSED with forever21 to! for a month they have a storee now in brussels! but before that came nobody knew it , bu i did :) i'm going to shop at the store tommorow!