Dior No More...

So it seems that our dear friend, John Galliano will be out of a job for a while. After the anti-semetic remarks went viral, it was clear Dior wouldn't want him back.
Oh Galliano, haven't you heard of how quickly things get around on the internet? Just days after Justin Bieber was squeezed out, he was snatched up by Usher from Youtube. C'mon now, when you're clearly sloshed, you don't praise Hitler for what he's done in front of a video camera. Now, I don't care about what anyone's personal views are, but when it's as unpolitically correct as that, I think it's better to just keep it inside close circles of friends, not wide circles of WiFi. This is a lesson to be learned.

Sorry Princess G, I'm afraid your crown atop the Dior Hall of Fame has fallen.

Well I think my stance on the matter is pretty clear, but what about you? When the story broke, did you rush to defend him as a great, or cast him away to the bottom of your pile of Vogues ? 

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  1. I was absolutely disgusted by his comments, drunk or not the fact that he has those backward views is just sick. The guy is just a weirdo plain and simple!



  2. Yes it's true! People are simply being lenient because they love his fashion but take that out of the equation and what he said remains unforgivable. Even in a drunken state most people would not say those things unless there was some truth to it... so bye bye Galliano! :)


  3. AMEN!
    Although, i'm disappointed at Galliano's remarks, he deserves it. B/C seriously, he should've known better and he should've been smarter before he spoke that way to ANYONE.

    ~ Maree

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  4. Just found your blog and I love it.........following, follow back?

  5. Your blog is very entertaining :) follow me!
    xxx s