Carnaby Catwalk

Last week Saturday saw the stylish Carnaby Street transform into a glamorous catwalk. To coincide with the beginning of Fashion Week, Carnaby Street hosted a catwalk fashion show showcasing local talent and boutiques that run up and down the street. In association with the LCF magazine, 'Pigeons & Peacocks', an amazing free fashion show took place. There were three identical shows in total at two hour intervals; at 1200, 1400, and 1600. Luckily I caught the 1600 show, however I couldn't get an amazing front row view.
1) The were 2 large men right in front of me,
2) There was a large pole right in front of me,
3) The was at the entrance end of the runway.
Fortunately though, my 12x optical zoom camera helped. Only a bit though. Thanks Fujifilm.

However, in addition to the glimpses of fabulous clothes I saw, the playlist was amazing, featuring 'The Gorrilaz', 'Chromeo', plus 'Mark Ronson and The Bussiness International'. When I heard the music start pumping I knew I belonged in this setting. Next time I feel like having the uplifting spirit of London within me, I'll head down to Carnaby Street.

Ooo, and on the way back I popped into Liberty's for the first time. AMAZING.
I actually touched an Alexander McQueen bag and scarf, plus I saw that Manolo Blahnik shoe collection.
Veeerry tasteful. Also, there was this odd hanging thing on the first floor. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but I sure did liked the look of it.

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