To Thine Own Style Be True

style. noun. a particular kind, sort, or type, as with reference to form, appearance, or character.
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I am terribly sorry for not blogging as often as I should, but for some reason, I have been extremely busy. Despite it being the end of the year, I still have Spanish exams, an art exam, and case studies to do. I'm also sorry for boring you with my personal life like this. 

Without further delay, I will be blogging about those who are true to their own style and I have dedicated this post to a few inspiring people of this modern age. One being of recent years'  inspiring breakthrough blogger, the wonderful and incredibly unique Tavi of The Style Rookie blog. Along side one of the UK's best solo female artist who I personally feel has inspired this generation to think differently about this changing world, Lily Allen; who is also followed up by one of fashion's latest icons who has sparked many a fashion trend, and who I feel will last the test of time with her outlandish party antics and bizarre dressing, Lady Gaga. Finally, is the style icon and role model to many young women and teenagers, with her slightly quirky but charming clothing. I welcome the wonder that is Alexa Chung to my blog.
Each of these incredibly influential artists in their own right are the people who I most think about when I think about this word-play phrase. 

Let's begin our organic feast for the eyes with the awe-inspiring Tavi; at just 14 years old, style blogger, Tavi has made an international name for herself, with the name Tavi popping up all over the internet, and in books and magazines, this wonder child has done well for herself. She even has a T-shirt which you can purchase.This style blogger is one which I love an whom I personally look up to, her quirky, charismatic style of dressing and writing has truly inspired me to try and become a better blogger and has made me want to strive to want to reach my goals and aspirations. I read about her in a magazine about a year ago now, and I am totally and utterly gob smacked to find that at such a young age she is already being sent shoes from Miu Miu, dresses from Fred Flare, and sitting front row at many prestigious fashion shows. From then on I keep on seeing her name in magazines, and blogs, and that name is constantly being whispered whilst I travel down my school hall. She writes with such integrity and charisma, and I absolutely love her strong stance on feminism.I love how she can analyse and critique with the words of an editor, without having the stigma of a pretentious child, which unfortunately, I myself seem to be giving off now.


To follow this monumental girl is Lily; arriving on the 2006 scene in a maxi dress with trainers, and all topped off with large hooped earrings, Lily was a born star, with the style I like to call eclectic chav. Slightly derogatory, I know. She's lived through the dream of many teenage boys and girls; at the young age of 14, a courageous Allen ran away from home to attend Glastonbury festival. Lily, I hope it was a good one. Following that, a year later, Lily abandoned school and concentrated on improving her performing and compositional skills. Afterwards, she created several demo songs, and near the end of 2005, she created a profile on MySpace, where she made some of her recordings public. Although her bravery to do such things may be considered foolishness to some, I think that it takes real guts to do what she has done, and at such a young age. I absolutely adore how career driven she was and still is; it's got her astonishingly far in such little time. Lily is someone who I personally adore and her style is so true to her character. I's out there, but it's most definitely her.

Third in this post is no stranger to this blog. The in/famous Lady Gaga already had 82 awards under her sparkled and studded belt, as well as a debut album selling 12,000,000 worldwide, I think it is quite appropriate to say "Move over Madge, Gaga's here". From a very early, a young Gaga had taken an interest into the world of arts and music; from the age of 4 she was playing the piano, she then went on to writing a ballad at the age of  13,  and playing open mike nights at 14. Not coming from a privileged background, she was very privileged to be able to attend two very prestigious schools: Convent of the Sacred Heart, and  New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Since her 2008 breakthrough single Poker Face, Lady Gaga has risen and risen, constantly. After being condemned by some for her provocative dressing and stage antics, Gaga has never been fazed by negative comments. She's loyal to her fans and has previously referenced that many times nothing will come between her and her fans. Her distinctive style is something of an acquired taste, one might say, but I like it. It's so original and unique, and the perfect apparel to suit her music, its daring and new, and something that hasn't been seen in many years. The last thing that the world has seen like this is Madonna, and although she's a lasting legend, her time to be new and innovative is up. Lady Gaga has taken the stage.


Now finally, I introduce London's "It Girl" since 2008, Alexa Chung. After Alexa signed a year-long golden handcuffs" deal with Channel 4 in August 2007, worth £100,000. As part of this deal, she guest presented Big Brother’s Big Mouth and appeared as a panellist on quiz show 8 out of 10 Cats. She hosted a number of T4 Movie Specials4Music SpecialsT4 Holiday Mornings along with T4's coverage of many music festivals. Since her Channel 4 breakthrough, she has been an inspiration to almost all teenage girls and young women, with her quirky mannerisms and unique fashions, she is a 00s icon. One thing that I like about her is that she may have one distinct style, but it is constantly being reinvented; she's one of the  youngest pillar that holds fashion up. And furthermore, even though she had a rapid rise to fame, it hasn't all gone to her head; she's incredibly down to earth.  


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