Ich Leibe Tim Burton ♥

Tim Burton, what a genius. I honestly love this guy. I love his warped sense of proportion. I love his monochrome obsession. I love him dark humour. I love his love of living in his childhood. I love the busts of colour. I love his work. I love his passion. I love his wacky style. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love The Corpse Bride. I love Wonderland. I love Tim Burton.


  1. I love TimBurton, always have, don't see that changing anytime soon.

  2. if i could see you, i'd give you a high five to that. i honestly love tim burton.

  3. i know right, instead of me having my own children, i want him to father mine, then ill raise them. thats acctually abit creepy i just realised :|