Sarah Burton, kudos

As the first official collection for Alexander McQueen under new direction is revealled, the beauty and fluidity of the late McQueen flows through the masterpieces effortlessly as the elfish looking models sahay their way down the asthetic catwalk. It would be a hard task to think of what great power would take over the McQueen legacy, but when the choice is revealed, the sex is surprising. Sarah Burton, having worked along-side the original creator for 15 years, it's clear his influence has rubbed off. The symbolic clarity and vision of Alexander McQueen's successor is amazing.Oh the splendour and detailing, it can only be down to genius. When I heard of his death, I thought, "That's it, alternative high fashion is dead. I'll never see an Alexander McQueen collection that will live up to the rest." Sarah, how I love thee. Her debut collection for Alexander McQueen is nothing short of genius. Only a true apparel professional could have the imagination and vision to create this collection. Sarah Burton, I have noting but respect for you.

With this dress I absolutely LOVE the belt. It's beautiful, it's detailed, and terrifically embellished. 

Wow, wow, wow. A gold leaf embellished tuxedo. Can I have it?

This may possibly be the definition of my style decadence. Leather and gold = LOVE 

This dress can only be described as godly. Gold upon gold; it's like the creation of a Greek goddess. 

This is something that I can only call natural beauty. Butterflies are like the symbol of pure beauty, of which this is. 

I just love it. No words can describe what I really feel about this dress. 

This dress is layered to a ridiculous extent, but it seems like its air light, with the model gliding effortlessly along with the dress. I feel that if I were wearing this, I could fly like a bird. 


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  2. absolutely stunning! thank you for sharing. xx