The Denim Demand

A topic which I personally find incredibly intriguing and interesting is the denim trend. It's a trend which has surpassed any expectations of mine, seeing as the world of fashion is forever changing, trends and micro fads go in and out of style but still it is increasingly becoming an everyday clothing staple. It may be staple clothing but throughout the decades that it’s been around there are always new ways in which to wear it; whether it’s the boyfriend jeans, or the skinny, denim is always in the fashion. I absolutely love how it can be constantly reinvented and improved; for example, the denim tend covers the cropped and embellished denim jacket, the forever stylish denim shirt, the newly reinvented denim shorts, the incredibly versatile and durable jeans, to name a few. However it’s not just about the basic clothing – denim has become a fabric for a multitude of uses. I have seen headbands, bags, and even denim cushions! This incredibly versatile fabric is definitely one which will stay. Two of my personal favourite looks are the all-American plaid shirt teamed with dark blue jeans, and the very quaint Parisian black and white stripped top with pale blue jeans. These two styles could be considered as polar opposites but with denim, they work and really show the adaptability of denim. 

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