My Sugar Rush Just Dipped

UGH! I've just watch the Chanel spring summer 2010 haute couture collection, and i hated it!! This was odd, as usually, i actually like Chanel; but this was terrible. It was near painful to watch. Although I usually only have positive things to day about Chanel, I am allowed a criticism of Karl Lagerfeld. It was a considerably large collection, but it was ALL to do with the recent sugar/pastel tone of colours, and everything was either massively fluffy, horribly shiny, or tweed! These are almost now pet hates of mine. I usually tolerate those things fluffy, but this just took the biscuit, i sometimes despise shiny things, but now I feel like it's always, and now I hate tweed. Now with Chanel, tweed doesn't look classic and sophisticates, it looks messily restyled.
Furthermore, the most annoying thing was that it started off all right! I saw it and I though that it wasn't too bad, I even liked some of the remastered tweed, but it just got progressively worse. As the models sauntered down the runway they had ridiculous grey highlights in their hair and detestable glittery silver tights.
Everything in there was a little girls fairy tale of fluff, an old woman's perception of a cool tweed, or a woman in a shiny satin nightie in a 60s movie. Christ, this makes me mad.
Here's what I hated, and what I loved.

Hated :

Loved :


  1. I detest the green one the most. :)

    agree on all the loves though!

    stop by some time.