Antoni & Alison

WOW! All i can say to this pair of British designers is wow.

Their beautifully simplistic pieces just blow my mind! It's not only the clothes that are absolutely amazing, its the stage setting and music. It's just so fabulous!
I was recently watching the autumn/winter 2006 show at Antoni & Alison and my first thought was, "well this is a bit odd; all plain and boring". But after looking and listening closer I found that in reality, this was a genius stage setting! The catwalk was not raised at all, the models just walked down the side of what looked like a half completed paint job room with white cloths and open cans of paint lying around. Also, the can of paint and paint brushes were also used as props as the models did their thing. This was so minimalistic but so affective; I absolutely love things like this, it shows real creativity in an odd sort of way.

Ready-to-Wear Collection, Autumn/Winter 2009
This collection I think is the most serious but has the most vision. It epitomizes women during the time of the war, showing them as workers, working with pride in what that do. And with great pride and dignity, comes great style.

Ready-to-Wear, Spring/Summer 2008
What I have to say most about this collection is the way it's presented. One again, the AMAZING duet have done it again. Each piece from this collection is not shown on models, but on a body form. Yes, a body form. But it wasn't just the body form presentation, it's also the whole idea of simplicity. The setting is just a brick wall with a dirty white sheet and a wooden chair. Antonio & Alison seem to have a great fascination with the old white dusting sheet. It's true to their character, its minimalistic, but not pretentious. By each piece there is a caption. Most start off with "Portrait of a woman.." but some vary slightly.

Ready-to-Wear, Autumn/Winter 2008
This show they themselves describe it as a "Spontaneous piece of fun".
It was set on a theatre stage and the audience is left waiting in suspense for over 3 minutes and then slowly the curtains open to reveal about 15 models all with their backs turned to the audience and one by one they each turn around and untie their head scarf. There is a very ominous feel to the whole thing as it is carried out with military precision and the moon landing music plays in the background. The music itself shows something ground breaking is taking place. As soon as the last model has turned around and reveals herself the curtains one again close. It seems like such a simple concept but this truly blows my mind! When the credits rolled a actually sat their for a good few minutes and said to myself, "Wow. The guys are hidden geniuses!"

Ready-to-Wear, Spring/Summer 2007
This collection is by far their most diverse and different. It includes so many themes, from fairy world to growing up. They were definitely not so show a little bit of skin. The first section most definitely shows the essence of youth and fragility though the central theme of a "Fairly Tale World". This is every little girls fantasy, filled with dreams, glitter, love, and fairy tales; it even includes a fairy wedding dress and the top even says "Fairy World" on it.
This collection also highlights some ethical issues. One dress featured a navy blue fabric with tear drop, and inside were diving dolphins.
In addition to the other themes, there's an ongoing theme of a little girl growing up. She transforms from an innocent child to a rebellious teen and then onto a mature adult. Through the teenage stage the collection focussed on short skirts and messy hair. The adult section I loved. It consisted of two piece suits completed with matching bright patterns.
As well as the AMAZING clothes, once again there are fabulous props. Models walked on and off the catwalk with bricks and rock, fruit, and even a lamp!

I will continue with my analysis of Antoni & Alison at a later date, but for now goodbye

I hope you can enjoy Antoni & Alison as much as I do

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