The Denim Trend Over The Decade

Like an Olive Martini, some things never go out of fashion. Every time you think you've seen just about enough of it, someone will come out with a new, interesting and innovative way to use it.
The denim trend is an amazing reoccurring once which can never die, and never gets old. Every year it comes back bigger and better in a new and more inventive way.

Lets start with the denim jeans:

  • 2000-Hipsters
In 2000 came the hipster jeans, trailing back from the 90's. Skinny at the top and flared at the bottom, these jeans have some sort of element of style with the skinniness of them. They may have carried out some style but there was also surprise. You look down the thighs and everything seems normal but then bam! There's a flare! Now reviewing these jeans, they don't seem as good as before, somehow impractical with the sudden flare.

  • 2002- The Skinnies
The year of 2002, the year of the skinnies. Skinny jeans were a big thing in 2002 bring back the silhouette of fashion. These tight fitting jeans looked sexy on everyone, well almost everyone. They gave a sexy side to those who didn't know they had it. Despite the name, skinny jeans were for everyone, you didn't have to be skinny to wear them.

  • 2006-Wide Legged
Completed with a high waist these wide legged slouchy jeans looked to rival the skinny jeans right off of its pedestal.

  • 2008-The Skinnies come back!
YES! The amazing skinny jeans have made a comeback and they are bigger and better than ever! EVERYONE is now wearing them and now seem to be the only acceptable jeans to wear.

  • 2009-The Distressed Jeans
Balmain was undoubtedly the biggest influence in the distressed denim trend; enticing us with a beautiful rough and rocky edge Balmian took over 2009.

It wasn't just full length denim jeans that were big with the distressed style, shorts were pitching in too. Denim cut off shorts were massive in the summer of 2009. Never were they sharp and clean, they were always chicly rough and distressed.
It was not everybody who wore the super short shorts, you had to have it right. Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn had a style which most of us just could not imitate.

  • Enough about the jeans, lets talk about the shirt. When you think denim shirt, you may think of a male of about 40 dressed in denim jeans, denim shirt, and denim jacket, all complete with a moustache and bog boots. Well no. Not in 2009. 2009 revived the denim shirt in an innovative stylish new light. The likes of Balmain and Alexander Wang brought the classic denim shirt out of the shadows; popularly worn open with a stripped black and white t-shirt underneath complete with black leggings and dirty white plimsolls. The ultimate indie summer 2009 outfit.

  • As well as the denim shirt comeback, there was the denim jacket (awwww yeahhh!). Promoted by the likes of Balmain the denim jacket was most certainly back! Worn cropped or with sleeves rolled up the denim jacket is now one if the most versatile things out there. It can rock up an evening out, or even add to a soft dress. The denim jacket is BACK!

  • Now its time for the weird trend. Jeggings. What is it!? Are they jeans, are they leggings? I don't know! They're an odd mix of both. A short lived trend but clearly a very big one. It came about when consumers wanted an increasingly tighter skinny jeans, so the jean manufacturers said "Hey! I have a good idea! How about we put together a stretchy fabric and make them look like jeans. Like leggings! We'll call them jeggings." NO. No no no no no. Jeggings are not good, they are odd. It is a fashion cross over where there should be a boundary. Jeans are worn for their ruggedness and strength; leggings are worn for their ease and comfort. There is a big difference between the two. Jeggings: an impractical invention.

Well enough of my denim rant, I hope you enjoyed.

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  1. i could use some more denim pieces right now!