Hi! I'm Olivia Rose Davies; creator and editor of The Olive Martini.You may be wondering why such a choice for a blog name about fashion. Well, it is because Olive is my nickname. It is what everyone knows me as. Either that or Scrooge(long story).

Enough of about the name and more about the blog. This blog is a style and fashion blog for teenagers and students that is dedicated to bringing you quick and useful fashion information and tips. The idea for this blog was born when my parents complained that shopping was getting in the way of school work, and also how much money I was spending on magazines such as, Elle, Vogue, and (Harper's) Bazaar; so this so this fashion blog would be the perfect place to get all my fashion information.

As I'm new to the whole blogging thing it will take me a while to get up regular posts. I found that it was a perfect time to start with London Fashion Week just around the corner. I'll be giving you as many updates as I can during this time, but for now, goodbye!

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